Alena Rachinger lives in Ingolstadt Germany.

As teenager she started drafting und portrayment.

After studying veterinary medicine and starting with my carrer, she found her passion for animal paintings. Animals are the passion of her life, they always delight her. 

The expression of the eyes, the balance of proportions, the beauty of the fur, the play of colours,

 the general impression and the message to the viewer are all equally important. 

She particularly likes the combination of sharpness and softness like colour combinations of shades of blue with shades of rust.

 Started as a self-taught painter, she visited courses by Anselm Prester (oil painter und pastelist), Ralf Heynen (dutch oil painter), Martina Zingler (impressionistic landscape artist), Cuong Nguyen (PSA Master Pastelist and an IAPS Master circle member)

Since 2019 she gives pastel and acryl courses for adults and children.

 It brings her a lot of joy being able to pass on her experience.

2020-2023- jury at the International Competition of Pastel Artists Contest "PASTELium" 

Journey Member of Pastel Guild of Europe

Associate Member of Pastel Society of America

Member of German Pastel Society.


- Einzelausstellung  "Landschaft/Tiere"  November-Januar 2022-2023  Finanzamt Ingolstadt.

- Gemeinsame Ausstellung "Ingolstädter Lieblingsorte"  September 2022  Ingolstadt Kreuztor.

- Einzelausstellung   "Bilder in Pastell"   Juni/Juli 2022  Ingolstadt  Kreuztor. 

- Internationale Ausstellung Vichy  Frankreich  - August 2022 (zu Ehren des zweihundertjährigen Bestehens der berühmten Künstlerin Rosa Bonheur).


Juni 2024 -  3 place Get Dusty of the PGE  "African Animals"   with my painting  " The scream " ( judge Karin Kiessling )

May 2024 -  1 place  Get Dusty  of the PGE  "Joy"   with my painting  " What a joy! "  ( judge Maria Sibilio )  

April 2024 -  3 place of the PGE Dusty Abstract with my painting   "Sun Goes Down" (Judge Laura Pollak)

October 2023 - 1 place  Get Dusty  of the PGE  "Animals - insect"  with  " Dragonfly "  ( judge Roberta Baer PSA )                                                                 

March 2023  -  my  painting "Great Beauty" was selected for the  PSA  Wildlife/Creature  Showcase

March  2023 -  Honorable mention of the PGE Get Dusty "Portrait of a young adult" with "Mounting High"  ( judge Lynn Howarth )

March  2023  -  my  painting "Daria & Rolly " won the TALENT PRIZE AWARD of International Juried Art Competition at TERVARNA  Los Angeles USA

February 2023  -  2 my paintings  are accepted in International Online Juried Shows and selected the online exhibition "Pastels in Paradise" of the LCPPS

Juni 2022 -  my  painting "Swing left "  in Top 15% Jury's Favorite in BoldBrush Painting Competition.

April 2022 - Honorable mention of the  PGE Get Dusty  "Animal - Horses"  with  "Chayenne". (judge Christine Obers)  

March 2022 -  my  painting "Emerald eyes "  in Top 15% Jury's Favorite in BoldBrush Painting Competition.

February 2022 -  my  painting "Melancholy melody"  in Top 15% Jury's Favorite in BoldBrush Painting Competition.

February 2022 - 2 place of the PGE Get Dusty  Portrait/Figure Age  with " What a joy!" ( judge Mary Villon de Benveniste )

December 2021 - my  painting "lacerta et Ego (self-portrait)"  in Top 15% Jury's Favorite in BoldBrush Painting Competition.

November 2021 -  my  painting "Flying bubbles"  in Top 15% Jury's Favorite in BoldBrush Painting Competition.

November 2021 -Honorable mention of the PGE Get Dusty  " Still life/Floral - Succulents and Cacti"  with  "Succulents Party ". (judge Stephie Clark )

November 2021 - Finalist Competition by Hahnemuehle " Joy & Happiness" for the Calendar 2022 with painting  "Die Seelen baumeln lassen"

October 2021 - 2 place of the PGE Get Dusty  " animals in the garden on the ground "  with "Taijitu." ( judge Mary Ann Pals )

October  2021 - my pastel painting "Nature's Treasures." was selected for the  PSA Still Life  Showcase..

September 2021 -  my 2 painting  in Top 15% Jury's Favorite in BoldBrush Painting Competition.

September 2021 - Honorable mention of the PGE Get Dusty  "Landscape-Weather"  with  "Late Summer Breeze". (judge Bruce A. Gomez)

September 2021 -    A WINNER IN THE 2021 AMERICAN ART AWARDS

                         -in Category 5. PASTELS/COLORED PENCIL – HUMAN FIGURE 6th Place-Tie  with "Anna." 39x29cm Pastel on velour paper.

September 2021 - pastel painting "Beautiful day."(Self-portrait)  was selected for the PSA Self-Portrait  Showcase.

July 2021 - pastel painting "I'm Full!" was selected for the  PSA Portrait Showcase. 

July, April, February 2021 - Top 15% Jury's Favorite in BoldBrush Painting Competition. 

June 2021 - Honorable mention of the PGE Get Dusty "Human and Animal" with "Daria&Rolly". ( judge Emma Colbert )

May 2021 - 3 place of the  PGE Get Dusty  " a veritable nature morte   with "Nature's treasures". ( judge Dorothea Schulz )

February 2021- 3 place of the PGE Get Dusty "Portrait/Figure Child under 5 years"  with "I am a Tiger". ( judge Ruth Mann )

November 2020- Best of Animals UART colored pencil Competition with "Lynx" (judge John Middick)

October 2020- Honorable mention of the PGE Get Dusty "Animals-Close-Ups" with " Eye of the Fjord horse". (judge Michele Ashby)

September 2020 - Honorable mention of the PGE Get Dusty " Landscape-Mountains" with "Karwendel". (judge Marie-Christine Coupillaud )

June 2020 - Honorable mention of the PGE Get Dusty  "In the kitchen"  with "I am full." ( judge Lynn Howarth)

April 2020 - 2 place of the PGE Get Dusty "Animal black and white"   with "Black swan" ( judge Loes Botman )

March 2020- Honorable mention of the PGE Get Dusty "Skyscape"  with "Goodbye Norderney"( judge Regina Burchett )

Februar 2020- The Winner  of UART Premium Sanded Pastel Paper "Winter" Competition with "Snowflake" ....

1 place  Get Dusty  October 2019 of the PGE (Pastel Guild of Europe) "Animals -Parent and Child"  with "Koala mum with baby" ( judge Stella Mays ) 

                Judge’s comments:      ‘Skilled use of pastel pencils creates wonderful depth in the fur of these Koala bears. Overall a lovely piece of wildlife art, Well Done!’


I used:

Pastel Paper

Clairefontaine PASTELMAT 360 g/qm

Clairefontaine Karton Kaschiert

CANSON  Mi-Teintes Touch-360g/qm

Sennelier Pastel Card  360g/qm

Uart Premium Pastelpapier 

Hahnemühle Pastell 130G/Qm

Hahnemühle Velour 260G/Qm

Fabriano Tiziano 160G/Qm

Ingres Pastell Papier 130G/Qm

Canson Hochtransparentes Zeichenpapier- 80G/Qm

Pastel pencils

Derwent ProColour Pastellstifte

Derwent Pastellstifte

Faber-Castell Polychromos

Faber-Castell Pitt Pastellstifte

STABILO CarbOthello Pastellstifte

Conté a Paris Pastellstifte

CARAN d``ACHE Luminance 

Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens

Soft and hard Pastels

PanPastel Ultra Soft Artist Pastel

Schmincke -extra-weiche Künstler-Pastellfarben

KOH-I-NOOR TOISON  Künstler-Pastellkreide

Faber-Castell  Carres und Pitt

Conté a Paris Carres

Sennelier Pastellkreide 




"White Night"

MIJELLO MISSION Gold Aquarellfarbe

Kissho Gansai, Japanische Aquarellfarben

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Sticks Künstler-Aquarellkreide

van Gogh Aquarellfarben

Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Aquarellstifte 


Kreul El Greco  - Acrylfarben 

Golden OPEN Acrylfarben 


Schmincke AKADEMIE Acryl

DALER-ROWNEY FW Acrylic Ink Pigmentbasierte Acryltinte


Old Holland 

Talens Rembrandt

Williamsburg handgefertigte



Contact me: 

Telefon:   +49(0) 151 23 72 3939